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Noemi Hernández is a Mexican artist currently residing in Tijuana, Mexico. Since a very early age, she demonstrated a great interest and talent for painting, starting her formal artistic education  at  age 12 and continuing her professional studies at the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in the School of Arts and Design (Facultad de Artes y Diseño). She obtained her Master´s Degree in Visual Arts in 2015. 


She currently teaches in different schools at both graduate and undergraduate levels on different topics ranging from Visual Arts, Design, Photography and Art Direction to Animation, Art History among many others.


Throughout her carreer she has produced several artistic series such as: Golden Compositions (2010), The Golden Number (2011-2012), Drawing, dance and movement (2013-2016), Aereal Geometry (2015-2017), Geometrical Constructions (2017), Lights (2017), Convergencias (2018), Circular (2019), Philamentos (2020), Entretejidos (2023)


Her artistic style is greately influenced by her interest in the Golden ratio, geometry, movement, numbers and dance. Experimentation with different techniques and materials is an important part of her artistic production, in such a way that her art manifests in multiple disciplines such as drawing, painting, photography, animation and resin art. 

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